1st Annual NWT Film & Media Awards

The Northwest Territories Professional Media Association (NWTPMA) is excited to announce

The 1st Annual NWT film & Media Awards!

These awards recognize excellence in NWT Film and Media. Four awards will be presented on Saturday, September 29, 2018 during the Gala night at the 2018 Yellowknife International Film Festival:

    • Best Narrative Short
    • Best Documentary Short
    • Best Commercial Piece – Government
    • Best Commercial Piece – Non-Government

Entry Fee: $10 for NWTPMA members, $25 for non-members (per entry)

Deadline for Submissions: August 31st, 11:59pm MST

Our deadline for entries has passed. Stay tuned for info about next year’s awards!

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Best Narrative Short

This category will recognize the best fictional or fictionalized narrative film. Among the elements that will be factored into judging will be: script, lighting, cinematography, sound and score. Entries must be under 45min in length.


Best Documentary Short

The Best Documentary Short will be awarded to the best non-fiction piece. The award will be evaluated by judges based on several factors: cinematography, lighting, sound, score, and the representation of the subject matter. Entries must be under 45 min in length


Best Commercial Piece (2 awards: Government & Non-government)

This category will be awarded to a short that is dedicated towards advertising and promotion including commercials, promotional videos, and videos to complement a social media campaign, among others. Factored into the judging of this award will be the ability to represent and promote the client’s interest utilizing elements of cinematography, lighting and sound for effect.
This award is divided into two categories:

Government –  Any film paid for directly by a government department or agency
Non-Government – Any film paid for, organized, or created by a private sector business, non-profit, charity, or independent film maker. Organizations and individuals receiving government funding are still eligible to apply in this category.



In addition to the recognition of the awards, each category will be accompanied by a prize valued at $500 in professional support services to be used towards future projects. Prizes will be announced during the awards presentation.
Note: Monetary prizes will not be awarded in the Government category.



Entries must be original pieces created between January 2017 and July 2018. A minimum of 75% of the production team must be residents of the NWT.  Entry fees must be paid by the submission deadline in order to be considered for the awards.

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