Canadian film funders assert commitment to harassment-free workplaces

Twelve federal and provincial film development agencies issued a joint statement on Tuesday, announcing a new set of guiding principles on harassment in Canada’s creative industries.

Among the signatories are Telefilm Canada, Canada Media Fund and our territory’s own Northwest Territories Film Commission.

The principles set out are as follows (via Telefilm website):

We continue to support the prevention and eradication of harassment, in any form, in our own organizations and in the companies we support. We encourage the industry to respond to harmful behaviour in a timely and meaningful way.

We believe that:

  • creating and maintaining an inclusive and respectful workplace is everyone’s responsibility
  • harassment cannot be tolerated
  • complainants and victims of harassment must be supported and protected
  • safe reporting mechanisms should be put in place to protect complainants and victims
  • awareness and education on the prevention of harassment are critical elements to ensuring  safe and inclusive workplaces  for everyone

We expect all companies that work with, or seek funding from, our organizations to respect these principles, comply with relevant laws and implement policies and procedures for a harassment-free workplace.


“These principles are a result of discussions held over the last three months. Each organization will have its own approach and/or plan inspired by this joint commitment, and many have already begun implementation,” reads a statement posted to Telefilm Canada’s website.

A string of high profile sexual harassment allegations made in 2017 against powerful film producer Harvey Weinstein sent shock waves through the industry and sparked the #MeToo movement.

As the representative entity for media professionals in the Northwest Territories, the Board of Directors of the NWT Professional Media Association would like to echo the message put forth by the signatory agencies. We look forward to working with all levels of government to ensure harassment has no place in our industry.

For the full statement, please visit the following link: